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A Letter from our Founder:

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm so grateful that you took the time to read more about us! Although our foundation may have only been founded in 2020, the vision was given to me long before then; after listening to a sermon I realized that we recycle what we don't rehab from and we can change that. At EHF, we carry a sense of responsibility to help our kids and their families heal from trauma. Our programs are inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and interactive. 

From a young age, I was raised by my grandmother. Having questions, feeling abandoned at times and not sure where I fit in, I used gifts that no one could heart, determination and personality, and they have carried me and still continue to do so. As a child, my grandmother and other family members tried their best to give me and younger brother a decent life, but nothing could replace the missing pieces I felt of my parents not being consistently present in my life. As I started junior college, I knew I had to create something for kids, so I could be to them, who I needed as a child...this is where the idea of the Elephant House was birthed. As I have gotten older and done research, I have realized there are more traumatic events than just substance abuse which just happened to be my personal experience. I've learned that everyone needs grace AND that traumatic events impact your brain as well as your physical and spiritual. We don't know what we don't know. Our goal at EHF is that all families feel supported through each program and every interaction with staff. We want them to know there is no judgment, it's only experiences and being willing to learn to do better and grow with one another for a healthier and healed family unit.

I hope you join us in praying that we continue to create a safe space for children and their that as they learn and grow, they can help others do the same. Please join us by donating or seeing how you can get involved with our programs. Have a good day, on purpose.






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